PUBG Mobile’da düşmanları nasıl hızlı bir şekilde görebilirsiniz?

PUBG Mobile’da düşmanları nasıl hızlı bir şekilde görebilirsiniz?

PUBG Mobile boasts some pretty good graphics. However, we all know that the higher the quality of the graphics, the lower the frame rate. And this is especially noticeable on budget devices. Therefore, you can safely sacrifice the overall quality of the graphics to improve the gaming experience. But keep in mind that there are settings that are best left enabled.

Leave the Graphics option at Balance or higher. The “Smooth” level is devoid of some graphic elements that can be useful during the game.

Графика и фильтр PUBG Mobile


Now go to the “Filter” setting. Select the “Saturated” option. In this mode, the game picture has a high contrast. Therefore, player models will appear lighter on a dark background and darker on a light background. This option also improves the visual component of the game. Even if you use low quality graphics, the game will look noticeably better. If you do not like the “Vivid” mode, you can alternatively try the “Film” mode.

Turn on the Smoothing option. She is responsible for aligning the edges of in-game models. Enabling anti-aliasing will make it easier to spot enemies.

Сглаживание и тени в PUBG Mobile

Turn on the Shadows option. She is responsible for displaying shadows in the game. By disabling shadows, you lose an important visual component of the game. Shadows are often rendered earlier behind the player model. In such a situation, your brain quickly analyzes the situation. And you have time to better prepare for a fight with the enemy. Shadows give an understanding of where the enemy will come from, where to aim and how to react first.

Яркость PUBG Mobile

Set the “Brightness” option to the maximum – 150%. If necessary, lower the brightness by 10% and see the result. Repeat this step if the picture looks overly overexposed. We also recommend using the maximum brightness of your tablet or smartphone.

Now go to your audio settings. Keep in mind that the sound in PUBG Mobile is just as important as the game picture. Therefore, set the sound quality to “Ultra”. Set the overall volume and sound to maximum. Also use headphones during the match. Have a good time in the game!



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